There are different courses available for different levels of the candidate. For instance, Deck officer and Chief officer may need a 3 days course [MSH-1 Basic manned model ship handling (level1)]

A Chief Officer who is ready for promotion to be a Master may need an Intermediate 3 days course [MSH-2 Intermediate manned model ship handling (level2)] to enable him to have a proper ship handling skills so he will gain confidence to take command of his ship in the near future.

And for those who need thorough knowledge and skill in-dept may need to attend the advance 5 days course [MSH-3 Advance manned model ship handling (level3)]

The tailor-made course is also available for specific requirements i.e. large, very large ship handling. and it can combine use with both manned model ship and FMB simulator [MSH-4 advance ship handling course (combine use of manned model ship & FMB simulator (level4)]

Following are training criteria for all courses that will need to be addressed and practicing;

Principles of ship handling and characteristics.
Pivot point.
Turning in confine area
Controllable forces
Uncontrollable forces.
Interactions, bank effects, squat.
Slow speed control.
Berthing | Un-berthing
Standing turn | Short round turn

These courses are has been designed to make sure that it suits the requirement of specific candidates, so please consult us for all the details if there should be anything unclear.

The courses have been recognized by reputable organization asf;

The Nautical Institute (NI)

Institue of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST)

Our instructors/Facilitators are those who have long well experience in ship handling i.e. Harbour pilot, Offshore pilot, Senior Master. Who are ready to accommodate all the candidates to achieve their expectations.